What is Global Nano Additives?

Global Nano Additives  is a SPIN OFF from Tecnológico de Monterrey that develops nano additives for the lubrication of pressures and extreme temperatures in the industrial sector of metal cutting, rolling of pipes and slabs. Its products are characterized by being low cost, sustainable, efficient, and not generate toxic waste.

Each year, more than 26 million tons of oil contaminated with chlorates, sulfates and phosphates are released into the environment. To reverse this figure and increase the efficiency of lubricating oils, Global Nano Additives offers to be the first company in the world to develop, produce and market lubricant additives based on nanotechnology and friendly to the environment. As of today, there is no direct competition in the market.

``The support I have received from the OTT helped me to incubate my business idea and to protect my technology through a patent application``

Edgar Ramón Raygoza

Know more about Global Nano Additives

Competitive advantages

  • Decreases the wear of cutting tools
  • Increases lubricant performance by more than 60%
  • Decreases the cost of forged “dice” and polluting emissions


  • Lubricant to demold at extreme temperatures based on nano additives with 80% less carbon
  • Thanks to its powerful lubricity additive, it is capable of increasing the life of dice and punches by at least 20%
  • By minimizing CO2 emissions, the work environment of the operators is significantly improved and the environmental impact is reduced.


  • Soluble lubricant for cutting metals at high pressures, based on nano additives of high lubricity.
  • This lubricant supports up to 200% more pressure than conventional lubricants. In addition, it reduces at least 20% of the wear of the cutting tools (cutters, burins, cutters, etc.)
  • The nano additive, immune to decomposition by bacteria, allows to increase the performance of the lubricant by at least 60%. In addition, to eliminate odors and risks of skin irritation in the operators.
  • By eliminating conventional lubricity additives (containing sulfates, chlorates and phosphates), the environmental impact is reduced.

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