Technology-based Entrepreneurship

What is Technology Based Entrepreneurship?

It is known as Technology Based Entrepreneurship (EBT in spanish), to technology-based business initiatives, whose products or services are aimed at improving or transforming the benefits received by its users. The Technology Based Entrepreneurship developed at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, is driven and guided by the OTT Network, which defines the guidelines and processes of its creation.

For this purpose, the OTT Network: Establishes the characteristics and processes for the creation of EBTs, establishes the processes of comercializationof the innovation portfolio in order to create EBTs, and maintains the EBT ecosystem through the attraction of funds for entrepreneurs, and making the Tecnológico de Monterrey portfolio of innovations available to directors, investors and entrepreneurs.

Technology-based Entrepreneurship Model

The Technology Based Entrepreneurship Model of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, is composed of four stages:

  1. Start Up Design: first stage of the model that aims to carry out the design of the company, and for this, the following programs are available: Innbatec Hi, NoBI ICORPS and Tec Incubators programs.

  2. Start Up Accelerator: second stage of the model that aims to accelerate the development of the company, through the programs: Innbatec Hi, EGADE Accelerator, TEC Accelerators, ORION Accelerator, and RONGDA ASIA Program.

  3. Start Up Valuation Laboratory: third stage of the model that consists in carrying out the valuation of the company through the Start Ups Valuation Laboratory.

  4. Funds and Investment: final stage of the model that aims to attract funds and investors for the company, through the ORION Fund, Investors Club and RONGDA ASIA Fund.

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