Continuing Education

Continuing Education

As part of the commitment of the OTT Network with the TEC 21 model, in promoting knowledge based on the transfer of knowledge and technology, the OTT Network offers an extensive and varied offer in continuing education, offering the following programs:

  • Innbatec Hi Workshop, aimed at entrepreneurial teachers who wish to acquire the necessary tools and competences to successfully carry out their technology-based entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneur Workshop at Purdue University, which aims to accelerate the commercialization of technology through the identification of opportunities within the entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Purdue University for the creation of bi-national companies.

If you require information on a particular course or subject, the OTT Network can design and deliver workshops, and specialized diploma courses on topics related to marketing, technology-based entrepreneurship and intellectual property protection. Share your need and we gladly design the training program that meets your expectations.

Likewise, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel and review the offer of courses that we have available for you.

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