The Network of Technology Transfer Offices of Tecnológico de Monterrey (OTT Network) is responsible for the protection and management of inventions, the result of the intellectual work of teachers, collaborators, service providers and / or students associated with the Institution. It also promotes commercialization and technology transference, connecting inventors with companies and entrepreneurs and investors interested in the development of technological innovation projects.

“Support and facilitate the transfer of technology generated in the Tecnológico de Monterrey to the industry, through its licensing, sale or creation of Technology-Based Companies”.



• Develop the culture of Marketing and Technology Transfer.

• Create impact in the Educational Model TEC21, social and economic through the Transfer.

• Achieve the sustainability of the Knowledge Transfer.

The OTT Network is integrated by 1 National Office * and 5 Regional Offices that provide service to the different Campus:

• OTT Central Region *

• OTT Mexico Region

• OTT North Region

• OTT West Region

• OTT South Region

* OTT accredited by CONACYT and Ministry of Economy.

The OTT Network operates under unique governance, through the definition of processes for the protection of intellectual property, protection, valuation and commercialization of the developments generated in the Tecnológico de Monterrey. In addition, it is responsible for the licensing of the portfolio of Industrial Property developments and software creations.

Currently Tecnológico de Monterrey chairs the Board of Directors of the OTT Mexico Network, A.C., through the M.C. Silvia Patricia Mora Castro, Director of the OTT Network of Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Download our informative brochure here.

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