Technology-Based Companies

Technology Based Companies

Company: Bio-Recombine Technologies

Sector: Biotechnology – Pharmaceutical.

Company Description: Biotechnology company engaged in the design, development and production of high-value commercial biomolecules (recombinant proteins) to assist biopharmaceutical market and drug development, and diagnostic channels and the food industry. Enzyme diseases high commercial value.

Entrepreneur: Luis Mario Rodriguez.


Company: Global Nano Additive

Sector: Nanotechnology – Additives.

Company description: Nanotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable lubricant additive, resistant to extreme temperatures and pressures, produced based on nanotechnology, without current competition in the market, which could be applied in the extraction industry or in the automotive industry.

Entrepreneur: Edgar Ramon Raygoza.


Company: Wearobot

Sector: Robotics – Medical Devices.

Description of the company: Technology-based company focused on the design and development of exoskeletons (electromechanical suits) of high versatility, whose purpose is to provide support in rehabilitation tasks and motor assistance.

Entrepreneur: Ernesto Rodriguez Leal.


Empresa: Atjzak Bio

Sector: Biotechnology – Food.

Description of the company: biotechnology company dedicated to the development and production of probiotics and processed foods.

Entrepreneur: Ernesto Aguirre Ezkauriatza.

Email: and

Company: Onko Solutions, LCC

Sector: Health – Medical Devices.

Description of the company: Medical device that has the possibility of being used as a self-detection device since it has an attachment for its positioning when detecting the precise closeness with the cervix to make a correct measurement.

Entrepreneur: Jesus Seañez de Villa.


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