The Innovation and Strategic Product Design Center (CIDEP) encourages the development of Technology-Based Companies, facilitates transfer activities and accelerates the commercialization of new technologies.

Located within the Research and Technological Innovation Park (PIIT), CIDEP’s mission is to detonate the establishment of high technology companies in the sectors of microelectronics, telecommunications and industrial design in the State of Nuevo Leon, as well as to provide technological solutions within the disciplines of knowledge related to small and medium-sized Mexican companies, and incubation in sectors related to these areas.

Among the most important specific objectives of the Innovation and Strategic Product Design Center (CIDEP), are:


  • Generation and attraction of high technology companies, which include design, technological development and research in the areas of micro-electronics, telecommunications and industrial design.

  • Positioning of the existing industrial base in Nuevo León in international markets, updating its technological platforms.


The CIDEP has the following equipment, which can be used by researchers, companies and research centers:

Innovation in Design and Technology Center (CIDyT)

CIDyT is an organizational unit of Tecnológico de Monterrey that carries out research and development projects with industry, government agencies and foundations, in support of our professional and postgraduate programs of the School of Engineering and Information technologies

CIDyT is composed of the following set of laboratories:

  • Design and simulation
  • Additive manufacturing *
  • Microscopy and characterization *
  • Metrology and digitalization *
  • Augmented and mixed reality
  • Flexible manufacturing *
  • Micro-prototypes *
  • Functional prototypes and assemblies
  • Powertrain and structures

* Located in CIDEP

Companies / current areas:

  • NAVISTAR: Design center dedicated to transport
  • EZKATEC / ATJZAK BIO SAPI DE CV: Biotechnology company dedicated to the research, development and elaboration of high value nutritional products.
  • Laboratories of the School of Engineering

The CIDEP offers the following services:

 Current collaborative projects


  • Negotiations are under way for the assembly of prototypes of invention projects.
  • Looking to give that added value to companies wishing to license technology


  • project in progress
  • Bio-Recombine Technologies- SPIN OFF

Recent achievements

  1. Linking OTT with companies of the PIIT park (Schneider Electric and Pepsico).
  2. Support and coordination for activities carried out during Week I and Semester I.
  3. Linking the Tec de Monterrey with the companies through visits to the Monterrey Campus and CIDEP.

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